Times Are Changing…

In regards to fats that is! For decades, fat has been deemed butteras evil or the enemy, but not anymore.  Last week in my
class my teacher pulled out her 2014 prestine copy of Times Magazine: We Were Wrong About Saturated Fats.  I could just see the excitement in her face, her body language changed, her voice got a little higher and she held it proud, telling us that this was the moment she had waited for, for so long!  Saturated fat isn’t evil, in fact its been linked to health benefits and has no correlation to heart disease as many people have thought.  

Here’s a fun fact for the day:
Ancel Keys, the scientist who was the first one to believe and conduct studies on the effects of saturated fats and heart disease was shot down by the American Heart Association, believing that there was no significant evidence that proved his theory.  But get this, years later he somehow hopped on the AHA’s board and voila! saturated fats were now the culprit of heart disease.  Hmmmm, interesting.  Even more interesting, is that his studies were done on rabbits, an herbivore mammal that does not consume saturated fats or cholesterol in their daily diet.  Of course their levels would increase to unhealthy amounts, because they were being fed something outside of their norm!

As I sat there in awe of all this new information, I felt as though the things I were taught along the years were all a sham, I’ve basically been lied to my whole life!  Don’t eat butter, stay away from cheese, only eat egg whites, cook with canola oil only.  Well not anymore folks.  Even more shocking, I was told to go home and throw out any refined oil that I had in my pantry and to start cooking with only saturated fats!  Say what?!  There’s no way this could be happening.  The saturation of saturated fats tells us the stability of the fat.  Unsaturated fats are the ones that we are told are better for us, but they are also less stable and more susceptible to rancidity.  Heat can speed up this rancidity process, but because saturated fats are already stable, heat will not effect them; i.e. making them much better to cook with.  The oils that are going to be the most susceptible are canola, corn, sunflower, and soybean.  The “refined oils” have already gone through a process of heating, pressure and light which is basically putting free radicals into a bottle and then selling them to us uniformed consumers.  Well not anymore!    So here’s the breakdown: Cook with saturated fats: vegan non-hydrogenated coconut butter or unrefined coconut oil (preferable).  Dress food with: raw, organic, unrefined olive oils and avocado!  Oh, and if you come across this Time Magazine issue, send it to me! 


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