PLLLL-5My name is Patti and I live in Denver, CO with my crazy dog Ziggy and turtle Snowpea.   Although I’m a transplant, I now call Colorado my home.

I am a proud and passionate vegan and have been since 2007.  I began working at Moosewood Restaurant in college in 2006 and came to the quick realization that their vegan food was seriously legit, so why couldn’t mine be too?!  That was it, I decided that after 10 years of being vegetarian, I was finally going to make the switch.  I gave myself the last opportunity to get all I could in of Sammy’s late night pizza, boxed mac n cheese,  unsightly orders from Confection Connection, and finally my last block of cheddar cheese.  And basically the rest is history, still going strong since 2007!  Becoming vegan has rejuvinated my creativity and passion for cooking, food and nutrition and my hope is to share that with all of you.

Since moving to Colorado in 2010, I’ve truly seen how much food can influence a population and I realized that I wanted to be part of that impact.  In 2015, I enrolled at the Nutrition Therapy Institute here in Denver with a goal of becoming a Master Nutrition Therapist.  I’m so excited to finally be learning about what I’m so passionate about and to bring that knowledge to others.


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